Randell Blast Chillers Improving profits through Blast Chilling

May 12, 2017

Randell Blast Chillers Improving profits through Blast Chilling

In the previous three blog posts, we have explored why operators should consider owning a blast chiller, the importance of air flow, and then we demystified controls. Now it is time to bring all of this together with how using the Randell Blast Chiller can increase profits.

Blast chilling is an excellent manner in which flavor is locked in, food color stays vibrant, product weight is preserved and most importantly foods are chilled safely.

Commissaries and hot food operations are the heaviest users in support of their cook to chill and retherm programs. Products like roasted chicken breasts, turkey breasts, meat loaf, pasta, lasagna and vegetables are great for retherm and serve in the hot food operation whether at a service line or hot food bar. Another very popular use is for heat at home meals in the cold case.

In-store hot meal deli programs benefit as well. Portions of unserved food which have been held at proper temperatures can be chilled for off peak deli hours. Excellent products for repurposing are roasted or fried chickens which are chilled and pulled for salads or cut into serving pieces, packaged and placed in the cold case. Portions of foods which are prepared, chilled and plated specifically for display in the deli case include meatloaf slices, meatballs, pesto chicken breasts, orange dill salmon, crab cakes and the list goes on.  

Grocers use a variety of methods of holding and displaying both hot and cold prepared foods. Operators who employ time and temperature methods of preparation and holding have excellent opportunities for profit improvement with an effective chilling and display program. Unfortunately, operators who use time only methods of display or direct customer access to foods on hot or cold bars do not have the same opportunity.

One final thought, since a blast chiller holds food below 40°F with rapid air movement. Doesn’t it make sense that frozen products would thaw quickly as well? They do and though it is not as fast as it chills hot foods, you would be amazed what it will do overnight to bagged soups and sauces. You can also use the blast chiller to thaw chicken, seafood and other products you would normally “slack” in the cooler.

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Special Thanks to Justin Webster, Hill Phoenix Design Center Specialist for his insight on methods Grocers use to hold and display prepared foods.

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