New Groen Electronic Controls Debuting at NAFEM: The Key to Cooking Consistency

February 02, 2017

New Groen Electronic Controls Debuting at NAFEM: The Key to Cooking Consistency

A few months ago I sang the praises of the Groen braising pan and listed my top 5 reasons why it’s the most versatile pan in the food service industry. Fast-forward to today and there’s a new reason that not only enhances the pan’s versatility but makes it a must-have for any commercial kitchen that wants to improve cooking consistency and food quality while reducing costs.

Groen’s new Classic and Advanced controls on its braising pans (and steam jacketed kettles also) address what I firmly believe is the most crucial pain point for commercial operations: too much temperature variance, which in a busy kitchen can lead to burned food, wasted product and inconsistent results.

Before I go into more detail about that, let me praise the physical attributes of the controls themselves. Simply put, they look and feel like Groen quality: well-crafted, durable and dependable. The temperature-set dial has a solid feel and rotation resistance, and the control housing looks more than ready to withstand the heat and humidity of a commercial kitchen.

That’s because it is! The control panel is IPX6 rated for water resistance, so whatever fears you may have about electronic controls being prone to failure in a kitchen, put them aside. These controls will hold up, even during a thorough cleaning process.

Now back to the biggest benefit of the Classic and Advanced controls: consistency in cooking. Groen is already known for excellent temperature control. The new controls allow operators to achieve even more precise temperatures for maximum cooking consistency, better food quality and less waste due to temperature fluctuation (such as a braising pan cycling too hot and scorching a batch of pancakes).

The Advanced control brings even more benefits to large-scale cooking operations: pre-set temperatures, a built-in timer and a clear digital readout that’s visible from a distance. The ability to easily achieve a controlled simmer or boil with low/high temp pre-sets, or to set specific temperatures and cook times with the push of a button, frees up staff to handle other tasks around the kitchen. Less “pot watching” means smarter labor allocation and lower labor costs!

With the simplicity of the single-dial Classic control or the added functionality of the Advanced control, Groen makes it easy for cooks to produce consistent, repeatable results day after day. Because successful kitchens understand that happy customers come from cooking consistency!

For more information, give me a call or shoot me an email. Or better yet, if you’re going to be at the NAFEM show next week, stop by Unified Brands’ booth, #1000 so I can demonstrate the new electronic controls on a braising pan and kettle. I’ll be cooking up a storm so stop in for a taste!

Chef Steve D’Angelo


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