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This foodservice equipment blog focuses on relevant industry insight and highlights Unified Brands’ cooking, refrigeration, ventilation, utility distribution, conveyor, meal delivery and warewashing technology of its Groen, Randell, Avtec, A la Cart and Power Soak product lines.
  • New Groen Electronic Controls Debuting at NAFEM: The Key to Cooking Consistency

    February 02, 2017

    A few months ago I sang the praises of the Groen braising pan and listed my top 5 reasons why it’s the most versatile pan in the food service industry. Fast-forward to today and there’s a new reason that not only enhances the pan’s versatility but makes it a must-have for any commercial kitchen that wants to improve cooking consistency and food quality while reducing costs.…

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  • Farm-to-Table on Campus

    January 17, 2017

    Across the country, the phrase “farm-to-table” is commonplace in school dining facilities— from farmers’ names and biographies on menu boards in college campus dining halls to in-season produce offerings at an elementary school cafeteria.…

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  • Groen Braising Pans: Giving Chefs More Options

    September 27, 2016

    The food industry is changing as fast as I have ever seen in my 26 years of cooking, and the proof is everywhere! Customers are looking for healthier options, and it is up to the restaurants to find the best solutions. The ones who do it best usually win!…

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  • Beating the kitchen crunch with versatile equipment

    September 22, 2016

    Whether you are starting with a blank slate or working with an existing space, product flow, cleanability and associate work environment are of primary importance in the profitability of the retail “outer perimeter.”…

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