Silver Soak

Self-heating water motion saves energy costs

Four models available to suit a variety of operations

Prewashing system helps greatly reduce wash time for silverware washing

Silver Soak Warewashing Machine
Silver Soak Warewashing Machine

Silver Soak

With its space-saving footprint, innovative design and efficient performance, the Silver Soak pre-washing system is the perfect solution for ensuring clean, sanitary silverware the first time. Instead of wasting valuable resources running pieces through a dish machine numerous times, Silver Soak eliminates labor-intensive “multiple passes” by removing virtually all soils and stains before silverware enters the dish machine. The result is sparkling silverware in one pass thanks to Silver Soak’s pre-washing power.

Silver Soak’s cleaning process is extremely thorough and operating the system could not be easier. In fact, kitchen staff can simply drop soiled silverware directly into the ware washing unit and walk away. In just five short minutes, Silver Soak’s unique combination of heat, chemicals and agitation releases soils and prepares silverware for a single pass through the commercial dishwasher.

There’s never been a more cost-effective, convenient way to keep silverware looking great meal after meal — and keep satisfied customers coming back. Silver Soak allows operators to make a professional impression every time while reducing water consumption, saving on costly presoak detergents and freeing up kitchen staff to serve guests. And with four model options and a footprint smaller than a bus tub, Silver Soak is the ideal silverware pre-washing system for commercial kitchens of all sizes. 

  • Saves water, electricity, chemicals and labor with single-pass washing, preventing wasteful repeat cycles
  • Utilizes just one fill of water and one chemical application per meal period, saving hundreds of gallons of water and chemicals
  • Self-heats water through friction as it moves through the system — without a heating element
  • Ensures the highest levels of sanitation and cleanliness
  • Four (4) model options available: mobile (roll under counter), stationary (fixed locations), drop-in (existing tabling) and weld-in (new construction)
  • Two (2) removable stainless steel wash tank baskets included
  • Eleven (11) gallon wash tank capacity
  • Three (3) years of parts and labor warranty coverage (USA only)
  • 304 stainless steel construction with 14 gauge tank, legs and rim

Competitor Comparison

Unified Brands Silver SoakProduct Attributes No Competitors
Facilitates proper pre-washing allowing for "one pass washing" in the dishwasher
Pre-wash solution is good for up to 8 hours providing significant water and chemical savings
Eliminating multiple pass dishwashing reduces dishwasher energy, water, chemical and labor costs
Three year parts and labor warranty
Cleaner silverware results in more satisfied customers

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