Produce Soak

Free rotating wash action moves from back to front

Easy-to-use self-loading stainless steel baskets included

Advanced Wash Insert technology helps effectively remove dirt and sanitize

Produce Soak Produce Washing Machine
Produce Soak Produce Washer
Produce Soak Produce Washing Machine
Produce Soak Produce Washer

Produce Soak

Produce Soak thoroughly washes and sanitizes fruits and vegetables, removing soil from hard-to-reach places, removing harmful contaminates and delivering greater food safety while increasing shelf life. Produce Soak delivers uniform results with every cycle. Available in three standard sizes, as well as custom configurations to fit your operation’s unique needs,

The patented Produce Soak takes produce-washing to the next level — from ergonomic innovations like self-loading unloading baskets to design advances like free-flowing rotating action. This circular motion fully immerses produce in each bay during washing — and when the cycle is complete, there’s no need to reach into the tank. Thanks to the movement of the water, Produce Soak quickly collects the produce into sturdy metal baskets, making retrieval easier than ever.

With Produce Soak, your kitchen is equipped for efficient power-assisted fruit and vegetable washing and sanitizing like never before. Backed by Power Soak, the worldwide leader in continuous motion ware washing, Produce Soak represents a new generation of advanced produce-washing technology. No matter the size or scope of your commercial kitchen, it’s easy to include Produce Soak in a configuration that maximizes cleaning power while fitting seamlessly into already-crowded areas where space is at a premium. With simple on/off operation and room for optional add-ons like a roll-under spinner/dryer, Produce Soak truly gives you more. 

  • Individually divided bays allow for washing a variety of fruits and vegetables at the same time
  • Two stainless steel unloading baskets come with each system.
  • Each section of the system features three (3) high-volume gentle wash jets
  • Capable of washing whole piece produce
  • Evenly spaced wash jets and inlet holes increase proportionally with tank size to ensure consistent wash action and flow to wash pump
  • Three (3) standard sizes available: 2-bay, 3-bay and 4-bay (custom sizes also available)
  • Drop-in and weld-in units available for installation in current tabling
  • Includes Power Soak Advanced Wash Insert technology, rotating produce to dislodge dirt and bacteria
  • Hands-free operation with self-loading baskets makes removal of fruits and vegetables quick and easy
  • Boards on both sides of wash tank provide ample drainage
  • Clean-side drain board height provides space for roll-under produce spinner/dryer (not included)
  • Simple ON/OFF switch
  • Easy to clean
  • Three (3) years of parts and labor warranty coverage (USA only)

Competitor Comparison

Product Attributes POWER SOAK Duke X-Green Hobart
Scalable wash outlet system - number of evenly spaced wash jets increases as wash tank length increases - consistent wash action YES No No product offered
Scalable wash intake system -length and number of inlet holes increases as wash tank length increases - consistent flow of wash water to wash pump YES No
One size basket makes it easy and ergonomically easy to unload produce YES No
Wash action from back to front provide for superior wash action and self-loading produce baskets YES No
Advanced Wash Insert gently free rotates produce to dislodge dirt and bacteria YES No

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