Power Soak

High-powered wash jets located every 6"

Tank accommodates 18"x26" sheet pans and features dedicated utensil partition

Advanced Wash Insert can be added to tanks larger than 48"

POWER SOAK Gerneration 4 Warewashing

High-powered wash jets located every 3 inches for superior flow

PS-225 control panel displays unit status through coded light patterns

Productivity-boosting Advanced Wash Insert comes standard

Power Soak Commercial Warewashing Machine
POWER SOAK Gerneration 4 Warewashing
Power Soak Commercial Warewashing Machine

Power Soak

Continuing a long legacy of ware washing innovation, Power Soak delivers superior wash action that’s gentler, quieter, more ergonomic and more efficient than ever. In today’s busy commercial kitchens, operators can’t afford to let time-consuming manual scrubbing monopolize valuable staff. With Power Soak, you have the power to tackle even the toughest baked-on food soils with minimal scrubbing. 

The secret is Power Soak’s patented parallel wash flow, which takes advantage of the natural scouring properties of turbulent water, heat and detergent — all working together to maximize cleaning power. And with a variety of sizes available, even custom configurations, Power Soak Generation 3 and 4 represent the ideal ware washing solution for any kitchen layout that would normally use a standard 3-compartment sink and/or traditional spray type utensil washer. 

Power Soak’s advanced wash insert, which comes standard on Generation 4 units and is available as an option on Generation 3 units, creates a curved lining within the tank that increases throughput, reduces noise, provides an even wash flow and delivers wares to the surface for easy removal — meaning less strenuous back-bending for kitchen staff. Other carefully designed features such as segmented wash areas, intuitive controls and a sophisticated but simple to use silent alert system all make Power Soak the most complete ware washing solution ever developed.

With more than 20 times the installations than every competitor combined, Power Soak is the uncontested innovation leader in the world of continuous motion ware washing. Today’s latest advances mark a new standard in cleanliness, consistency, sanitation, cost savings and ergonomics — helping your team focus less on manual labor and more on serving guests. So whether it’s the high velocity wash action of the Generation 3 or the higher volume, lower-velocity wash action on the Generation 4, you can select the Power Soak system that’s right for you.

Generation 4 System Highlights

  • Optional advanced wash jet design provides superior wash flow without significant additional energy usage
  • Ultra-high molecular weight plastic and stainless steel wash insert creates optimally curved inner tank lining, improving capacity and ergonomics by delivering items up to employees’ hands
  • Evenly spaced wash jets every three inches and inlet holes increase proportionally with tank size to ensure consistent wash action and flow to wash pump
  • Segmented wash areas allow for similar wares and utensils to be washed together, ensuring a more consistent clean
  • Dedicated utensil area features its own high-powered jet 

200 Series Controls

  • PS-200 Series control package
  • Low-voltage power is supplied to all operator controls and sensors
  • Green (ON) / Red (OFF) buttons are flush to the panel
  • Automatically monitors and regulates the wash water temperature
  • Monitors high and low liquid levels in both the wash tank and sanitizer tank
  • Optional High-volume sheet pan racking system allows operator to wash large number of sheet pans
  • Meets UL 50, category 4X specifications 

225 Series Controls

  • All 200 Series control features plus
  • PS-225 control panel and silent alert system constantly monitors unit’s operation, illuminating a floor or ceiling surface with highly visible but unobtrusive color-coded light patterns 

275 Series Controls

  • All 225 Series control features plus
  • Upgrade to PS-275 control panel to receive an additional deep-cleaning function using a second, safe but more aggressive detergent at an elevated temperature of 128ºF (standard daily wash temperature is 114ºF, LED light indicates elevated temperatures)

Additional options available, including: wireless remote light system (225 & 275 series controls only), wave curtain system, water tempering system, sectional racking system, chemical dispensing system and Generation 3 AWI upgrade kit

Three (3) years of parts and labor warranty coverage (USA only)

Competitor Comparison

Product Attributes POWER SOAK Duke X-Stream Hobart Turbo Wash
Scalable wash outlet system - number of evenly spaced wash jets increases as wash tank length increases - consistent wash action YES No No
Scalable wash intake system -length and number of inlet holes increases as wash tank length increases - consistent flow of wash water to wash pump YES No No
Wash tank up to 72” in length and allows for miscellaneous items and 18" x 26" sheet pan racks to be washed simultaneously YES No No
Optional Advanced Wash Insert to increase soiled ware through put, providing quiet and gentle wash action YES No No
Ware items are delivered to crew members via the wash action. Less back bending YES No No
Powerful 7KW wash tank heater maintaining consistent wash tank temperature YES No No
Dedicated utensil area with high power jet YES No No

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