Steam Jacketed Kettles

Reinforced rim and mirror-like exterior are easy to clean and maintain

316 stainless steel interior liner comes standard on all floor models

Single trunion on all floor models reduces equipment footprint

Groen steam jacketed kettle
Groen steam jacketed kettle

Steam Jacketed Kettles

Available in electric and gas configurations, Groen steam jacketed kettles set the standard for durable, efficient and consistent performance in kitchens of all sizes. With faster, energy-saving cook times, Groen kettles make it easy to lower utility bills and improve workflow — while even heating and precise temperature control translate to less “pot watching” and stirring.

Whether floor-mounted or table-mounted, stationary or tilting, Groen’s heavy-duty construction ensures years of worry-free operation. Features like reinforced rims allow Groen kettles to stand up to the hectic pace of today’s busy commercial kitchens, and water-resistant controls always come standard on floor-mounted models. Easy-to-clean surfaces also keep kettles looking polished with less burn-ons over time.

When it comes to thermal efficiency, steam delivers substantial energy savings by drawing from existing sources. Groen gas-heated kettles are 58-65% efficient — with electric models operating even more efficiently — offering a safer, cheaper alternative to traditional stockpots. And with six times the total energy of boiling water, steam is the ideal heat transfer medium for cooking, reheating and holding a variety of menu items.

Groen’s award-winning lineup of steam jacketed kettles is the batch-cooking solution that offers perfectly consistent, repeatable results day after day. With more options available than any other brand, Groen kettles were recognized as Best-in-Class by the foodservice consultant community in 2014 by Foodservice Equipment & Supplies magazine.

  • Floor-mounted tilting models offered in 20-, 40- and 60-gallon increments with 80-gallon gas and direct steam models available
  • Floor-mounted stationary models offered in 20-, 40-, 60-, 80-, 100-, 125- and 150-gallon sizes
  • Center pivot tilting on table-top models prevents top-heavy feel
  • Both electric and gas floor-mounted stationary models operate at 30psi and come standard with a hinged cover, 2” tangent draw-off and fully insulated jacket for safety (3” tangent draw-off available upon request)
  • Ideal for restaurants, supermarkets, schools, healthcare facilities, hotels and resorts, as well as any venue where batch-style cooking takes place
  • Floor mounted tilting models feature a standard single trunion for a more narrow footprint and less cleaning required due to the single contact point
  • Features a standard reinforced rim, preventing dirt buildup and dents from utensils
  • Standard 316 stainless liner is more resistant to high-acid products, providing an additional margin of corrosion resistance compared to other 304-grade stainless steel (optional on tabletop models)
  • Non-exposed metal coated with rust inhibitor for extra protection
  • Precise thermostatic control featured on both electric and gas floor-mounted models
  • All models include standard faucet brackets
  • Mirror-like exterior finish offers more aesthetically pleasing appearance while cleaning easier than exteriors with a grain

Competitor Comparison

Groen DH-40Product Attributes Cleveland Vulcan Market Forge
High polished exterior No No No
Single trunion No No No
Reinforced rim Optional Yes No
Faucet bracket Optional Optional Optional
316 grade stainless steel interior Optional Yes Optional

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