CapKold Tumble Chillers

Advanced touch panel records and sends data directly to computer

Automatic fill-and-drain features selectable water levels for small batches

Inclined chute allows for continuous loading while drum is in motion


CapKold Tumble Chillers

When it comes to ensuring higher food quality, better texture and superior taste, there’s no faster method than tumble chilling — and when it comes to performance and functionality, there’s nothing else like CapKold tumble chillers. CapKold’s 320-gallon capacity allows operators to handle very high volumes of food at one time. By using a combination of flexible plastic casings and a water bath chiller that accelerates chilling, product can be safely stored for up to six weeks (with HACCP compliance).

CapKold tumble chillers are easy to use and clean, with an automatic control system and integrated heat exchangers that provide a convenient working height without the need for stairs or other structural support. Recycling tanks also save and reuse chilled water, helping conserve resources and cut costs.

All operating controls on CapKold tumble chillers are contained within an easily accessible front- or side-mounted touch screen panel, giving operators the ability to closely monitor chilling time and water bath temperature. This sophisticated suite of integral controls helps ensure precision throughout the chilling process while freeing up staff from having to constantly check on the equipment.

With stainless steel construction throughout, plus a 1hp direct drive motor, CapKold tumble chillers have the power and durability to take on any large-volume batch and chill it quickly and safely for weeks of storage.

  • Stainless steel construction, including perforated stainless steel drum with 1hp direct drive motor
  • Maintenance-free shaft seal
  • 320-gallon capacity for holding and chilling bagged product
  • Inclined loading chute allows continuous loading while drum is in motion
  • Pre-piped circulating water pump with inline filter
  • Automatic water fill-and-drain with selectable water levels (saves water when chilling smaller batches)
  • Hot water or steam connection for drum cleaning or batch product heating (clean steam must be supplied)
  • Temperature control
  • Pre-piped for single point utility connections
  • Manufactured to latest sanitary standards and HACCP compliant
  • All operating controls contained in a convenient eye-level, front-mounted control panel (left front side or right front side mounting available)
  • Door over-ride switch operates drain and door automatically
  • Auto back flush of heat exchanger
  • Jog function
  • Interrupt function for all cycles
  • Drum speed controls to include ability to change speeds from 2, 4, 6 and 8 RPM
  • Three-mode select rotation, oscillation and gentle cycle
  • Emergency stop switch
  • Water level switch (100/200/320 gallons product volume)
  • Digital temperature readout
  • 99 minute timer
  • Clean (steam/hot water) mode
  • NSF approved

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