CapKold Kettles

Advanced touch panel records and sends data directly to computer

Inclined agitator provides all-purpose functionality for mixing, folding and blending

Spring-loaded drop-down discharge valve mounted flush to kettle

CapKold Kettles

CapKold’s extensive lineup of steam kettles, agitators and jacket configurations features the superior quality and trusted reliability backed by Groen-engineered innovation at every step. CapKold delivers exceptional mixing and blending results for a wide range of food products. With its all-purpose inclined agitator, each CapKold kettle is easier to use and easier to clean — allowing for more convenient and more sanitary food preparation conditions.

CapKold kettles feature a bottom-mounted product discharge valve, providing for the efficient transfer of kettle product to a pump/fill station without damaging delicate menu items. The valve’s spring-loaded design helps fill bags effortlessly — minimizing time and labor while ensuring uniform results.

With its inner hemisphere and all wetted parts constructed of 316 stainless steel, each CapKold steam kettle is built to withstand everyday use in today’s most high-intensity commercial kitchens. And with working capacities ranging from 50 to 300 gallons — with larger sizes available — these versatile designs provide the capability and adaptability required in an ever-changing foodservice environment. From advanced touch controls to chart recorders, CapKold kettles keep you and your kitchen staff ahead of the curve — every meal, every day.

  • 3” air-operated, spring-loaded drop-down product discharge valve mounted flush to kettle
  • Constructed of 316 stainless steel (inner hemisphere and all wetted parts)
  • All other areas constructed of Type 304 stainless steel
  • Advanced Human Machine Interaction (HMI) touch control panel sequences cooking cycle and controls agitator, temperature, and metered water. The HMI panel also records time/temperature data and sends the information directly to your network for easy access and for all HACCP and quality assurance records.
  • Variable speed agitator
  • CapKold INA-Series inclined agitators available in fixed agitator, tilt-out agitator (TO), retractable pinned tilt-out agitator (RTO) and fixed agitator/tilt (TW) with variations
  • CapKold N-Series Pasta Kettles feature rim-mounted drains
  • CapKold DH/INA/2-100 Kettle is self-contained and gas-heated
  • Direct-steam kettles available in 50-300-gallon working capacities (larger sizes available upon request)
  • Manufactured to latest sanitary standards and HACCP compliant
  • NSF listed

Competitor Comparison

CapKold Kettles Cleveland
No bearings in food zone. Completely sanitary No
Spring-loaded product valve No
Severe inclined agitator No

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