Braising Pans

Faucet bracket makes adding water more convenient

Five-gallon etch marks come standard for easy measurement

3” radius seamless interiors enhance durability and functionality

Groen 30 gallon braising pan
Groen table-top braising pan
Groen 40 gallon braising pan
Groen 30 gallon braising pan
Groen table-top braising pan
Groen 40 gallon braising pan

Braising Pans

Groen braising pans combine the functions of a skillet and a kettle into one versatile, high-performance cooking solution — one that braises, roasts, boils, pan-fries, grills, sautés, steams and holds with ease. In fact, it’s the perfect back-up for nearly any piece of cooking equipment around the kitchen.

Each braising pan features a 3” radius coved corners — the widest in the industry — allowing operators to easily move food product inside the pan without etching the inner sidewalls. This eliminates troublesome cleaning spots and corner food buildup often found with competitors’ models. And with water-resistant control housing and an ergonomic design that positions everything in view, the result is an easy-to-clean, easy-to-use workhorse that helps save time and labor. 

Groen Eclipse braising pans deliver evenly distributed heat across the entire surface to prevent hot or cold spots. Not only are they consistent, they’re extremely efficient. Gas models feature welded heat dispersion fins on the bottom of the cooking surface to aid in energy transfer, allowing higher cooking temperatures with less gas consumption. Electric units also feature flat bar elements that distribute energy evenly over the pan and are easy to maintain. 

No matter the challenge, Groen Eclipse braising pans provide reliable performance for a variety of applications throughout the kitchen — making them an indispensable part of today’s high-volume foodservice operations. Groen braising pans have been recognized the last four years by foodservice operators and chefs as 2014 Best-in-Class by Foodservice Equipment & Supplies magazine. 

  • Available in 15-, 30- and 40- gallon floor models and a 10-gallon countertop model
  • Electric or gas power options available
  • Precision thermostat regulates temperature by averaging an area of cooking surface temperature, as opposed to the competition’s single-point method
  • Gas units feature easy-to-use dial thermostat, with patent-pending burner assembly rated for highest efficiency in the industry.
  • Available with standing pilot for kosher kitchens
  • 100-grit hand rotary-sanded cooking surface reduces sticking and makes cleaning easier than ever
  • Pans available in manual or power-tilt options
  • Manual-tilt units feature smooth-action, self-locking hand-crank wheel with 29-turn full tilt
  • Center-tilt pour lip allows easy, steady pouring with minimal surge or drip
  • Pour path is shortest in the industry, consuming less aisle space
  • 10” high pan sides and cover minimize grease and splatter
  • Hinged cover with torsion spring-assisted hinges is fully adjustable to any working height and stays in desired position for ease of operation
  • Cover allows for controlled steam venting, keeping condensation inside pan
  • Streamlined, rounded leg stands are easy to clean while creating a stable footprint
  • Legs have removable bullet feet inserts, which enable operator to easily change inserts to casters or adjustable flanged feet as needed
  • Faucet bracket is standard with three mounting options (right-hand, left-hand or rear-mounted) to accommodate customer preference
  • All Eclipse models come with full one-year warranty and 10-year body warranty

Competitor Comparison

Groen BPM-40Product Attributes Cleveland Vulcan Market Forge
3" coved corners No No No
Welded heat dispersion fins No No No
100 grit sanded cooking surface No No No
Faucet bracket standard Optional Optional Optional
Center tilt No No No

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