Slat Belt Conveyor

Self-cleaning return rack with beveled roller allows for belt removal at turns

All stainless steel construction and reticulating slats enhance durability

Expansion hub replaces keyways and grooved shafts


Slat Belt Conveyor

Ideal for soiled tray return in cafeteria dish rooms, Avtec’s slat belt conveyors feature patented slanted rollers on slats attached to a stainless steel chain for frictionless operation and easy removal at turns for efficient cleaning. By expediting the cleaning process with self-cleaning return tracks, these conveyor systems remove the need for drip pans to gather spills and refuse typically left behind by other belts. The reticulating slats are also gapless, preventing food waste from becoming lodged between walls while improving cleanliness and sanitation inside the dining facility. This also eliminates the possibility of catching utensils between slats, which could cause jams.

Safety is a crucial consideration with moving parts, and Avtec dish room conveyors help improve safety all around with a tension hub that will eventually slip when a jam-up occurs, saving slats and components from damage.

With its seamless uni-body construction and stainless steel assembly, Avtec’s slat belt conveyor allows for perfect alignment of hardware that requires no lubrication, reducing the number of parts needed for installation or future replacement. Each conveyor is also tested prior to shipping, preventing time-consuming field adjustments to the frame. And with built-in reliability thanks to an auto-tensioning system that reduces wear and prevents breaking, the conveyor chain is engineered to perform without worry day after day, meal after meal.

  • Self-cleaning slider bed belt return takes refuse to drive housing for removal
  • Tightened hub belt drive
  • Conveyor belt design features beveled rollers, reticulating slats (attached to stainless steel chain)
  • Uni-body stainless steel construction (including drive motor) with welded shell

Competitor Comparison

Product Attributes AVTEC Caddy BiLine Traycon
Self-cleaning slider bed; takes refuse to drive housing for removal YES No No No
Tightened hub belt drive YES No No No
Belt design - beveled rollers, reticulating slats, attached to stainless steel chain YES No No No

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