Tray Assembly Systems (TAS)

Pass-through air curtain function provides front and rear access for improved productivity

Positive door latch and hold-open catch on air curtains helps avoid spills

4 half-door pass-through air curtain units designed to maintain ideal holding temperature with doors left open

Ergonomically efficient for maximum end-user safety and comfort


Tray Assembly Systems (TAS)

By optimizing productivity and making maximum use of valuable space, A la Cart’s tray assembly systems (TAS) are the ideal solution for efficient, ergonomic assembly of patient trays. As a series of individual components that can be configured and reconfigured to suit virtually any tray assembly needs, the TAS eliminates the need for traditional tray line conveyors and large, permanently installed equipment.

The TAS requires minimal operator movements, making it easier for staff to assemble trays. This system is easily relocated, with reconfigurable system components that are perfectly suited for multiple applications. And with features like integrated tray slides and clear sight lines to aid communication, there’s a greater degree of accuracy when using the TAS — ultimately ensuring patient satisfaction.

The unique pass-through air curtain on the TAS allows operators to assemble from one side with replenishment from the rear — all without interrupting the tray line assembly process. This helps streamline workflow so foodservice staff can guarantee meal delivery in a very short time period. And with half doors and a positive latch that keeps the mobile unit door securely fastened, the TAS is able to hold hot and cold temperature levels more precisely — keeping food within a safe range until it’s ready to serve.

  • Power: 115v/1ph/12amp
  • Unique pass-through function
  • Positive locking door latch with stay-open catch
  • Stainless steel construction, including interior, exterior, hinges and pan slides
  • 4 casters included
  • Exceptional ergonomics minimize turning and twisting while maximizing productivity by reducing operator movement
  • Flush, recessed side pulls and heavy duty transport handle
  • Customization available to meet specific customer needs
  • Efficient use of floor space by using both linear and vertical space
  • Designed and manufactured in the United States
  • Meets all NSF guidelines

Competitor Comparison

Product Attributes A LA CART Traulsen Std. Air Curtain Victory Std. Air Curtain Aladdin Std. Air Curtain
14 x 18”x 26” pan capacity YES No No No
Pass-through air curtain YES No No No
Door #2 - 4 half doors YES No No No
Door #3 - positive latch and hold-open catch YES No No No

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