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A la Cart Overview

For more than 30 years, A la Cart has been pioneering advanced meal delivery systems — developing innovative products that provide for efficient use of space and labor during preparation and serving. Backed by the foodservice expertise of Unified Brands, A la Cart continues to introduce specialized solutions for the healthcare environment — transforming the way hot and cold food is delivered to patients in their rooms.

Our comprehensive lineup of advanced tray line assembly systems, cook-chill pre-plated retherm systems and meal delivery carts works in concert with an array of Unified Brands products, offering a unique combination of efficiency and functionality that truly revolutionizes the way patients’ meals are delivered. Healthcare and foodservice operations can save significant time and money thanks to the seamless performance of A la Cart’s professional-grade systems — but the benefits go far beyond the bottom line.

With A la Cart, you also get the experience of a skilled development team that features both foodservice professionals and technical service personnel. Their combined knowledge helps ensure that every product is designed to promote the highest levels of food safety, food quality and patient satisfaction. There’s no substitute for real industry know-how — and when it comes to purpose-built, easy-to-use systems for healthcare meal delivery, there’s no substitute for A la Cart.