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Unified Brands

  • Unified Brands Corporate Offices
  • Unified Brands Test Kitchen
  • Unified Brands Culinary Center
  • Unified Brands Test Kitchen Wall
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  • GROEN - QSR Sandwich - Steam Jacketed Kettles
    The Groen 6-quart tabletop Steam Jacketed Kettle - even heating, faster cook times, and reduced energy costs.
  • GROEN - Buffet - Steam Jacketed Kettles
    The Groen 20-gallon Steam Jacketed Kettle easily handles large-quantity cooking in busy buffet restaurants.
  • GROEN - Mexican Restaurant - Steam Jacketed Kettles
    Chef Steve highlights the features and benefits of the Groen 6-quart tabletop Steam Kettle while preparing chicken tortilla soup.
  • GROEN - College & University Foodservice - Steamers
    The Groen SmartSteam100 batch steamer meets the demands for healthier food options and large batch quantities in busy college and university foodservice facilities.
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  • Avtec-Chinook-Feature.jpg
  • Avec-EcoArch-Feature.jpg
  • Avtec-Bus-Trac-Feature.jpg
  • More Avtec Media
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A la Cart

  • A LA CART Dual Temp
  • A LA CART Breakfast Cart
  • A la Cart System II Retherm Feature
  • A la Cart Dual Temp 120 Feature
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Power Soak

  • Power Soak's Superior Design
    This is a short animated showing why Power Soak is superior in design compared to all the alternatives including other continuous motion pot washing systems, pot and pan washers as well as three compartment sinks.
  • Nothing Else is A Power Soak
    A brief animation showing why nothing else is a Power Soak. Ideal for small airport kiosks. Perfect for large corporate kitchens. The number one time tested solution for potwashing needs. More installations than all our competitors combined. The obvious industry choice for potwashing.
  • What is Continuous Motion Pot Washing?
    A short video describing the food service category of "continuous motion pot washing."
  • Power Soak Systems New Showroom
    A brief video showing a preview of the new Power Soak Systems showroom in Kansas City, MO
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