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Unified Brands

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  • Unified Brands Culinary Center
  • Unified Brands Test Kitchen Wall
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  • GROEN - Delicatessen - Braising Pans
    The Groen Eclipse 15-gallon braising pan is ideal for delicatessens.
  • GROEN - Casual Restaurant - Braising Pans
    Keep pace with the high demands of a casual dining restaurant with the Groen Eclipse Braising Pan.
  • GROEN - Buffet - Braising Pans
    Groen's unique heat delivery system eliminates hot and cold spots in our Eclipse braising pans, allowing higher cooking temperatures and faster prep times.
  • GROEN - QSR Sandwich - Braising Pans
    The Groen Eclipse Braising Pan features a precision thermostat for even heating, making large-batch cooking controllable, effective and easy!
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  • Avtec-Chinook-Feature.jpg
  • Avec-EcoArch-Feature.jpg
  • Avtec-Bus-Trac-Feature.jpg
  • More Avtec Media
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A la Cart

  • A LA CART Dual Temp
  • A LA CART Breakfast Cart
  • A la Cart System II Retherm Feature
  • A la Cart Dual Temp 120 Feature
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Power Soak

  • Wireless Remote Light for use with Silent Alert System
    This add-on to the 2012 Kitchen Innovations Award-winning Silent Alert System allows you to place a wireless alert virtually anyplace in your operation. Managers and crew members are given a visual cue about the Power Soak's system status.
  • An Overview of Power Soak Operation
    A basic overview of how to operate a Power Soak system.
  • Skewer Soak
    Tough, baked-on soils come clean in the Skewer Soak System. Little to no scrubbing is necessary and, best of all, the system doesn't require an attendant.
  • Washing Shredded Lettuce in a Produce Soak
    Washing fruit and vegetables in a Produce Soak is simple. How easy? Look at how Produce Soak tackles shredded lettuce.
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