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Unified Brands

  • Unified Brands Corporate Offices
  • Unified Brands Test Kitchen
  • Unified Brands Culinary Center
  • Unified Brands Test Kitchen Wall
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  • GROEN - Retail - Braising Pans
    The Groen Eclipse Braising Pan also functions as a steamer to prepare large batches of healthier fare!
  • GROEN - Convention Centers - Braising Pans
    Large-batch cooking is controllable, effective and easy with the Groen Eclipse braising pan.
  • GROEN - Healthcare Foodservice - Braising Pans
    Groen Eclipse Braising Pans feature fast response, quicker cooking times, and an even cooking surface with no hot spots.
  • GROEN - K-12 Cafeteria - Braising Pans
    The Groen Eclipse Braising Pan offers faster response and quicker cooking time to keep up with the demands of a fast-paced K-12 cafeteria.
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  • The FX Series from RANDELL. Revolutionary Precise Temperature Technology.
    The FX Series precision refrigeration with Adande technology from RANDELL has raised the bar of performance and control to meet the ever-growing expectation of food quality.
  • The Chef Steve Show - CURED SALMON Prepared in the RANDELL FX Precision Refrigeration System
    The Chef Steve Show - Season 01, Episode 06: Cured Salmon in the RANDELL FX Precision Refrigeration System.
  • Behind the Scenes at The Publican
    Take a quick peek into the kitchen at The Publican in Chicago, IL to see the FX Series by Randell and how it is used in this highly respected kitchen.
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  • Avtec-Chinook-Feature.jpg
  • Avec-EcoArch-Feature.jpg
  • Avtec-Bus-Trac-Feature.jpg
  • More Avtec Media
    More Avtec media

A la Cart

  • A LA CART Dual Temp
  • A LA CART Breakfast Cart
  • A la Cart System II Retherm Feature
  • A la Cart Dual Temp 120 Feature
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Power Soak

  • Power Soak Wash Cycle & Visual Alert System Overview
    Wash Cycle & Visual Alert System Overview
  • Power Soak Visual Alert System
    Power Soak Visual Alert System
  • Wave Curtain Demonstration of a Power Soak Generation 4 System with an AWI
    A demonstration of the Wave Curtain on the Power Soak Generation 4 system. This simple addition reduces the occasional splash, improves noise reduction, and helps with heat retention.
  • Advanced Wash Insert (AWI) Assembly and Daily Cleaning
    Training video for installation and daily cleaning of the Power Soak System Advanced Wash Insert (AWI).
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