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  • GROEN - New Electronic Controls for Braising Pans and Steam Jacketed Kettles
  • GROEN - College & University Foodservice - Steam Jacketed Kettles
    Groen steam jacketed kettles can prepare a large variety of product to satisfy the demands of a college or university foodservice facility.
  • GROEN Kettles Stand the Test of Time at La Quinta Resort
    In this testimonial, Executive Sous Chef, Michael Vaughn, discusses the fundamental role that Groen Steam Jacketed Kettles play in the high-volume production of La Quinta's world-class cuisine.
  • GROEN - College & University Foodservice - Braising Pans
    The Groen Eclipse braising pan replaces the need for stock pots, and provides back-up for any other piece of commercial kitchen equipment.
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  • Randell 8000 Series
    Randell 8000 Series Refrigerated Raised Rail Prep Table
  • FX Refrigeration to the Rescue!
    Watch and listen as two chefs briefly share the story of how FX precise refrigeration with its freezer drawers and refrigerated worktop help solve the needs of busy kitchens at the 8th Annual StarChefs International Chefs Congress.
  • The FX Series Commercial Refrigeration - Seafood Application
    The RANDELL FX Series commercial refrigeration unit functions as a refrigerator (+20ºF to +40ºF) and/or as a freezer (-5ºF to +20ºF).
  • The Chef Steve Show - RANDELL's Precision Refrigeration FX Series Special Edition
    The Chef Steve Show - Season 01, Episode 09: The FX Series Precision Refrigeration System from RANDELL.
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  • AVTEC EcoArch UV Commercial Vent Hood
    The EcoArch Kitchen Exhaust System is the premier answer to low-volume ventilation and ultraviolet (UV) grease elimination.
  • Avtec BusTrac
    Easy to clean and operate, the Bus Trac conveyor from Avtec is ideal for soiled tray return in cafeterias of all sizes.
  • Avtec EcoArch in Malone's Steak House
    This video shows an Avtec EcoArch vent hood installed in the kitchen at Malone's Steak House in Lexington Kentucky.
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A la Cart

  • A LA CART Dual Temp
  • A LA CART Breakfast Cart
  • A la Cart System II Retherm Feature
  • A la Cart Dual Temp 120 Feature
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Power Soak

  • Produce Soak Produce Washing System & Power Soak Warewashing - Health-Conscious School District
    Power Soak, the innovative leader in continuous motion commercial warewashing, also utilizes its unique patented rear jet design in its Produce Soak units.
  • Produce Soak Produce Washing System
    The Conroe Independent School District of Conroe, TX harnesses the power of the Produce Soak to provide 50,000 students with healthier food choices.
  • Power Soak AWI Installation and Cleaning Guidelines
    AWI Installation and Cleaning Guidelines
  • Power Soak Basic Maintenance and Operation
    Power Soak Basic Maintenance and Operation
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