Our Power Soak line offers the highest level of quality and control for restaurant kitchens in the category.

Avtec's EcoArch low-energy hood systems can help restaurants save up to 50% of the energy used in traditional designs.

From fine dining to QSR/fast casual chains and more, Randell equipment is right at home in today's commercial kitchens.

With Produce Soak and Randell prep tables, it's easy to keep the freshest available ingredients on the menu.


From independent fine dining establishments to QSR/fast casual chains and more, Unified Brands products can be found in commercial kitchens everywhere. Our flexible business approach to customer relations allows us to adapt to the changing needs of specific segments within the industry, giving operators the power to do more with less. Our full range of standard products as well as our expansive options, accessories and even customizable platform solutions helps your staff work more efficiently while producing the highest quality results at every meal.

Whether it’s our cold and hot food storage technology or preparation equipment, Unified Brands delivers solutions for various menu offerings — consistently. 

Addressing the Challenges of Your Kitchen

Restaurant kitchens often have a limited footprint. Every inch of space is invaluable inside a busy commercial kitchen. That’s why Unified Brands is proud to help operators get the most out of their facility, like offering our versatile 15-gallon braising pan that maximizes space and delivers premium performance.

Labor and utility costs are always on the rise. Our Power Soak line offers the highest level of quality and control in the continuous motion washing category. Not only are these products easy to use, they help operators reallocate valuable labor from non-value-added processes to more critical tasks related to customer service and food quality. Combined with other innovative products like our Avtec EcoArch low-energy hood systems that can save up to 50% of the energy used over traditional designs, Unified Brands provides complete solutions that improve the environment and efficiency of today’s restaurant kitchens.

Food quality and safety are the biggest priorities. All of our products are built to keep food at just the right temperature for enhanced food safety and high-production accuracy. Whether hot or cold, our innovative technology features premium designs, superior construction and advanced controls that help ensure the highest level of quality — all while keeping foods safely out of the “danger zone” and ready to serve or store.

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