Randell's range of freezers, refrigerators and blast chillers helps staff prepare for high-volume events ahead of time.

From fresh produce to entrees and sides, Randell and Produce Soak make a powerful combination for hospitality kitchens.

Whether your facility is large or small, there's a configuration of Avtec, Groen and Randell equipment that's right for your operation.

From buffets to fine dining, high-traffic hospitality facilities can count on Power Soak to handle any cleanup.

Add a polished, professional touch to your front-of-house service areas with Randell's hot and cold tables and drop-ins.

Hospitality and Lodging

Unified Brands is uniquely qualified to meet the needs of the hospitality and lodging industry at every level, from large-scale cooking, chilling and serving for banquets to limited service for more intimate dining. We understand that providing an exceptional guest experience is your top priority. That’s why we focus on improving the ability of operators to serve while simultaneously improving the process of preparation, storage and cleanup behind the scenes.

Together, our lineup of branded products line is helping hotels, resorts and other hospitality clients rise above the competition, become more profitable and — most of all — ensure maximum guest satisfaction.

Addressing the Challenges of Your Kitchen

Every kitchen is different, but they all demand high value. Venues can vary widely in size and scope within the hospitality world, but large or small, every facility needs equipment that’s functional, ergonomic and easily serviceable. Unified Brands combines those needs into product solutions that adapt to changing capacities. Whether you’re serving 50 guests or 500, our Groen, Randell, Avtec and Power Soak product lines deliver high levels of design, efficiency and cost savings.

Labor can present unique challenges in the hospitality industry. With demand always fluctuating, labor is often a serious concern. Facilities rely on a core team of experienced staff augmented by temporary labor during seasonal periods or for large events. Unified Brands offers equipment that’s easy to use and specially designed to be more ergonomic — promoting worker safety regardless of skill level. And because hospitality’s busiest period is often weekends and holidays, our nationwide network of authorized service agents is always available day or night with in-stock parts and dependable technical support.

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