From Randell's preparation and storage solutions to Avtec's ventilation and utility systems, we have dining facility kitchens covered.

Power Soak and Avtec combine to provide a reliable, efficient cleanup system for high-traffic dining halls.

Randell's selection of chef stands helps bring preparation and presentation directly to student diners.

With a full line of hot and cold display solutions, Randell helps you give students more choices than ever.

Colleges and Universities

The higher education market presents a unique variety of challenges when it comes to foodservice — and no other name is more trusted to deliver smart solutions than Unified Brands. Our Avtec, Groen, Power Soak and Randell lines have strong roots in college and university facilities, with more than 100 years of combined experience with large-scale operations.

Today’s students expect unlimited choices — and unless campus dining options are available and accessible, their business can be easily lost to outside chains. Whether it’s longer operating hours, iPad ordering or farm-to-table selections, the landscape is changing rapidly. With Unified Brands in your kitchen, you can ensure your college or university’s foodservice offering is competitive, appealing and — most importantly — delicious.

Addressing the Challenges of Your Kitchen

Labor costs are always on the rise. With more labor-saving options than ever, Unified Brands helps college and university foodservice operations prepare high-volume offerings with less. Our full line of Avtec dish return conveyors helps increase efficiency after mealtime, while our fully custom Power Soak ware washing systems eliminate manual cleaning — allowing operators to put valuable labor and resources to work elsewhere around the cafeteria or food court.

Students demand a wide variety of menu options. With our Groen lineup of braising pans, it’s easy to prepare virtually any menu item — from steamed vegetables to pasta to burgers and chicken. Combined with Groen kettles for sauces and other accompaniments, it’s the perfect solution for just-in-time preparation as well as cook-chilled use for a future meal. And when it’s time to serve, our range of Randell counters incorporates everything from pizza stations to sushi prep tables — helping operators bring the most popular offerings directly to student diners.

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