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The Groen Eclipse tilting braising pan is a high-performance workhorse, which combines the cooking functions of a skillet, a steamer, and a steam jacketed kettle. Groen braising pans (sometimes called braiser pans or tilt skillets) are so versatile, they can braise, roast, boil, fry, grill, sauté, steam, hold and serve - backing up nearly any other piece of foodservice equipment in the commercial kitchen.

Groen braising pans are available in 15, 30 and 40-gallon floor models, and a 10-gallon tabletop model, each with electric or gas options. These energy-saving tilting skillets heat to 350o F in just four minutes. The Eclipse braising pan is designed for optimal transfer of heat from the source to the cooking surface, allowing higher cooking temperatures with no hot or cold spots, and less energy consumption. A precision thermostat regulates temperature for accurate cooking and holding, aiding in HACCP compliance.

Eclipse braising pans are available in power-tilt options or manual-tilt units. A center-tilt pour lip allows easy, steady pouring with minimal surge or drip, and the shortest pour path in the commercial cooking equipment trade. The finely-ground, stainless steel cooking surface, and its 3" radius, seamless interior corners, make for outstanding durability and the easiest-to-clean braising pan in the commercial kitchen equipment industry.

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