Groen Steam Jacketed Kettles

Best in Class Steam Jacketed Kettles

Groen offers more models of steam jacketed kettles than any other foodservice equipment manufacturer. By harnessing the power of steam, Groen kettles provide six times the energy of boiling water, creating an ideal heat transfer medium.  Superior engineering of our steam kettles ensures even heating and precise temperature control, reducing the need for “pot watching” and frequent stirring.
Only Groen uses 316 grade stainless steel as its standard material on floor mounted kettles to protect the interior from highly-acidic foods, and aid in ease of cleaning and preservation of the kettles’ brilliant, mirror-like finish. Groen’s smooth tilting design ensures that the product pours easily and accurately for efficient portioning. Ideal for cooking, reheating and holding a wide variety of menu items, especially large-volume batches, Groen steam jacketed kettles have consistently been voted “Best in Class” by Foodservice Equipment & Supplies Magazine.
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