Randell offers premium refrigeration performance to meet the toughest cooling challenges the foodservice industry has to offer.  Exclusive design elements ensure food quality and safety, reduce wear and tear on products, and simplify cleaning.  The Randell refrigeration brand has become the professional standard in commercial refrigeration equipment nationwide, representing the highest levels of quality and precision.

Randell’s internationally patented FX Series Precision Refrigeration line has revolutionized point-of-use refrigeration in the U.S., and earned the Kitchen Innovation award by the National Restaurant Association in 2007.  It delivers superior food quality through precise temperature control for longer product shelf-life, increased food safety, and enhanced energy efficiency.  With its refrigerated drawer system, FX refrigeration equipment can hold any temperature setting between -5º and 40ºF, allowing storage of a wide variety of food products.  No other refrigeration system maintains precise temperatures within +/- 2º under all conditions.

Randell also leads the industry in chef prep tables, custom prep tables, and sushi prep tables that embody performance and versatility to meet customer-specific needs.  Randell’s modular, predesigned custom units offer unparalleled flexibility with consistent high-performance features and benefits.

The complete line of Randell commercial kitchen equipment includes chef stands, refrigerated cooking equipment stands, fish file refrigerators, undercounter refrigerators, upright refrigerators, pizza hot holding cabinets, hot food tables, display cases, blast chillers, reach-ins, and commercial freezers, representing unlimited combinations for the ultimate in custom kitchen solutions.

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