EcoArch Ventilation System

The EcoArch Energy-Efficient Ventilation System from AVTEC features a patent-pending arch design combined with a front-mounted, high-velocity exhaust slot for maximum performance and energy cost reduction. The best of two technologies combined in one commercial exhaust hood to benefit the operator. Available with or without the UV component, the EcoArch system simply enables better capture, containment, and breakdown of grease molecules and grease vapors, and reduces grease odors in exhausted air.

AVTEC EcoArch offers wall-mounted or island-style configurations, with superior construction and a stylized, contemporary look that fits perfectly in open-kitchen design concepts. Lower air volumes and smooth arc transition of the air make the EcoArch ideal restaurant kitchen equipment, allowing for quieter operation and better communication in the kitchen, and improving the work environment and staff productivity.
AVTEC offers the least expensive, easiest-to-maintain and most effective UV commercial vent hood in the commercial kitchen equipment industry. One high-intensity bulb per duct collar minimizes the up-front cost of adding UV to the unit.  Our unique UV design allows easier access to the bulbs, eliminating the need for high-cost maintenance expense. EcoArch’s front-mounted exhaust plenum also allows for safer cleaning and/or replacement of the filter medium. Please visit our Dealer page to find the nearest provider or Contact Us for more information.

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