Multi Tech Banquet Cart / Conduvection

A la Cart's Multi Tech Banquet Hot Carts operate with A la Cart's patented CONDUVECTION™ technology. This brilliant concept uses the "best of both worlds" to allow you to serve food that stays moist, hot, delicious - and HACCP safe.

• Use revolutionary Conduvection heating - a combination of conduction and convection heating - that allows the use of lower temperatures and significantly enhances the moistness and quality of food

• Heating method ensures greater food safety and more even heating (no sterno needed)

• Conduction heating in each of the cart's nine shelves can be individually controlled (each plate or pan is controlled by the thermostat in the conduction heater) - so different densities of food can be ideally heated at the same time

• Food can be prepared and chilled - for one or more banquet meals - in advance, when convenient and labor-efficient

• Cart can be pre-programmed to begin the retherm process 90 minutes before serving

• Stainless steel carts are attractive and easy to transport, as well as rugged and long-lasting

• Self-diagnostic program runs each time cart is loaded to assure proper functioning of heating and cooling systems; also reduces preventive maintenance time

• Can be used in conjunction with A la Cart's wireless temperature management program for automatic monitoring of HACCP/temperature compliance and record keeping

• Support Equipment:  Central Management Control System

Multi Tech Carts can be used three ways for the ultimate in serving flexibility:

• Refrigerate, retherm and hot hold plated or bulk food (in standard hotel pans)

• Hot hold plated or bulk food

• Slow cook and hot hold bulk food


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