Conduvection Retherm Trayed System

With the Conduvection™ System, A la Cart once again revolutionizes technology for exceptional customer satisfaction and ease of service. For hospitals or other operations that serve trayed meals, A la Cart’s Conduvection™ System lets you have it all: the absolute highest meal quality, along with the labor savings and other benefits of cook/chill preparation, the ultimate efficiency, and “automatic” food safety.

• A la Cart’s patented conduvection technology combines low-intensity conduction heating, with gentle, lower-temperature (145-160ºF) convection heat on the “hot side” of the cart.

• Coffee can be rethermed on tray

• Meals are moist, evenly heated and appealing

• Superior cold food temperature retention

• Half lids retain desired texture -- crispy foods stay crisp – imagine serving top quality fried chicken, while starches and vegetables remain moist

• Trays aren’t too hot to touch

• No condensation on plates or covers

• Intensity controls permit customization of conduction heating by mealtime

• Three heaters expand options for serving hot items

• Meals served with see-though entrée covers

State-of-the-Art Controls & User-Friendly Features:

• Advanced electronic interface that controls every step, from refrigeration to retherming and holding meals for service

• Temperatures continually monitored for HACCP compliance

• Tray cart “docks” to controller-chiller unit, which serves as on-site refrigeration/retherm system

• Self-diagnostic feature automatically disables system if unsafe temperatures occur

• Controls are easy to program

• Carts are rugged, yet compact and easy to maneuver; they hold up to 20 trays

• Top of the cart provides handy workspace

Tray Carts

• Hold up to 20 trays with pre-plated hot & cold food, as well as breads, rolls, etc.

• Made of high impact polyethylene, carts are rugged and "bang" resistant; they're also lightweight, compact and easy to maneuver

• Top of cart provides handy work space

Controller Chiller Unit

• Serves as on-site refrigeration or heating unit

• State-of-the-art electronic controls makes it easy to program - walks you through each step with user-friendly prompts

• Includes self-diagnostic features to ensure HACCP compliance - fault displays signal unsafe temperatures

• Interfaces with CMCS, so it can also be programmed from a central, remote location


• System uses attractive china and/or plastic dishware

• Clear insulated domes make presentation more appealing and keep food hot at bedside

• To see the variety of dishware available, see Accessories page


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