Intek Connectionless Steamer

Best in Class Steamers

The Intek Connectionless Steamer has the best possible combination of cooking speed (productivity), efficiency, and reliability of any steamer on the market today.

Some conventional steamers cook faster than an Intek, but they use 1,000 times as much water and 3 times as much energy to cook the food.

Some connectionless steamers are as efficient as an Intek, but they cook slower or are not as reliable.

When school districts, healthcare chains, restaurant chains or any other foodservice operation investigate steamers thoroughly, they choose the Groen Intek. No other steamer can match the performance and reliability of the Intek steamer.

Intek isEnergy Star EnergyStar listed and qualifies for purchase rebates offered by leading utilities in states throughout the US.  Get performance, reliability, economy and cash too!

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