DualTemp 120

A la Cart offers a ground-breaking solution for hospital operations that use conventional food preparation. Far superior to any conventional heating/meal delivery system available today, DualTemp is a meal delivery cart and so much more! Start with the fact that it holds hot food hot indefinitely. And, it really holds. In fact, after 30 minutes, meals just get better, and safe food temperatures are maintained.

The gentle heating source is the DualTemp cart itself, on one side. The other side (this meal delivery cart is divided into two compartments) has built-in refrigeration, so it also holds cold food and beverages cold. With A la Cart’s DualTemp 120, meals maintain their ideal temperatures (deliciously hot and refreshingly cold) until you’re ready to serve – and patients are ready to eat. And that gives you a lasting hold on patient satisfaction.

• Holds food and beverages cold, as well as hot

• Holds temperatures indefinitely

• Maintains better, more consistent temperatures – actually improves meal temperature over time

• Plugs into any 120V, 20 amp outlet

• No bases and less pieces overall to deal with

• No extra heating step required at the trayline

• Ideal for late trays

• Provides exceptional flexibility for meal serving times

• Lets you run trayline in advance - with conventional food prep

• Dishware flexibility

• Compact, easy-to-maneuver carts hold up to 20 trays

• May enable you to shift meal serving from nursing to food service staff, without increasing labor (depending on your organization)

• Use with Room Service or Spoken Menu services for certain segments of your patient population without increasing labor

System Configurations Available:

• DualTemp 120 – 20 tray cart

• DualTemp 120 – 10 tray cart

• DualTemp 120 – cart with battery pack

Tray Carts:

• Cart capacity is 20 or 10 trays depending on model type

• Stainless steel and aluminum cabinet, with separate hot and cold panel thermometers

• Designated 120V single phase, 20 amp service

• Plug configuration: NEMA 5-20P


• All types of dishware can be utilized

• Clear entree domes for all 9" round entree dishes are available

• Tray size 13.5" x 23" and clearance is 3-3/4"

• To see a variety of dishware available, see Accessories page


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