CapKold® WaterJet® Chiller Cook Tank

A cost-effective alternative to tumble and blast chillers. As an alternative to the Tumble Chiller and/or CookTank, the compact WaterJet 100 gives you more versatility and flexibility.
• Large capacity tank will quickly tumble chill 100 gallons of packaged food from 180F to 40F. Like the CookTank, slow cooking with the WaterJet 100 gives you better tasting and more tender foods with higher meat yields. Capable of automatically cooking and chilling vacuum packed, non-pumpable food, such as chicken or beef. Allows you to cook, chill, reheat and thaw foods. Convenient meat probe for monitoring internal product temperature.
• Compact water chiller saves on precious floor space.
• Six-inch legs with adjustable floor mounting flanges.
• Features insulated, non-corroding double wall tank construction. Diverter valve controls water discharge flow and turbulence.
• Easy-to-operate front-mounted controls. Also features water level overflow protection, two-inch drain and a water pump protective screen.
• Attached stainless steel splash covers with lift assist.

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