New Electronic Controls

New Groen Electronic Controls for Braising Pans and Kettles

Commercial Kitchen Equipment that Outperforms the Competition in Cooking Consistency, Food Quality and Cost Control

Braise, grill, poach, steam, bain marie, cook, hold… do it all better than ever with Groen Classic and Advanced controls! Our braising pans and steam jacketed kettles are already known for excellent temperature control. The new Classic and Advanced controls for Groen braising pans and kettles allow operators to achieve even more precise temperatures for maximum cooking consistency in the casual dining, institutional, commissary, K-12, college/university, hospital and hotel markets.

Both the Classic and Advanced controls deliver precise temperatures to help kitchen operators improve their food quality and consistency while reducing labor and food costs. Designed specifically for commercial kitchen equipment, the control panel is IPX6 rated for water resistance, which provides greater reliability to minimize repair bills and other costs of downtime, including added stress, 86ing menu items and potentially losing current and future business.

The Advanced controls have a digital display for more precise temperatures and better visibility, plus Low and High temperature pre-sets that allow less experienced operators to execute exactly what is expected without the guesswork.

Braising Pans and Kettles with Precise Temperature Control, IPX6 Water-Resistant Control Housing and More Consistent Cooking

  • Precise Temperature Control Precise Temperature Control
    Our new Classic and Advanced controls allow operators to achieve even more precise temperatures for maximum cooking performance.
  • IPX6 Water-Resistant Control Housing IPX6 Water-Resistant Control Housing
    Sealed housing protects the controls from humidity and pressure washing, conditions that make the electronics in some restaurant appliances prone to failure
  • More Consistent Cooking More Consistent Cooking
    Advanced controls offer pre-set cooking temperatures, a digital display and a timer for exact cook times so you can reallocate labor to other tasks

Classic Controls

Classic Controls
  • The easiest-to-use, most cost-effective option for cooking consistency & food quality
  • More precise temperatures with single-knob temperature setting
  • IPX6 water-resistance rating on control housing

Advanced Controls

Classic Controls
  • More functionality than Classic controls for even better quality & consistency
  • Digital display, push-button temperature pre-sets & timer with audible alarm
  • More precise temperatures & IPX6-rated control housing

Steam Jacketed Kettles

Braising Pans

New Groen Controls: The Key to Cooking Consistency

New Groen Controls: The Key to Cooking Consistency

Groen’s new Classic and Advanced controls address what Chef Steve D’Angelo believes is the most crucial pain point for commercial kitchens: lack of precise temperature control, which can lead to burned food, wasted product and inconsistent results.

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