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Unified Brands at a Glance

Unified Brands is an operating company with the Refrigeration & Food Equipment segment of Dover Corporation.

  • Founded in 1907 in Chicago, IL
  • Headquartered in Conyers, GA
  • Four office locations in Weidman, MI; Conyers, GA; Jackson, MS; Pryor, OK
  • Three manufacturing facilities in Oklahoma, Michigan and Mississippi
  • All products manufactured in the United States
  • Patent Information
  • Transparency in Supply Chain Acts

Who We Are

Unified Brands takes great pride in being part of an industry where people throughout the world and throughout history gather to celebrate and remember. It is an industry built around individuals and relationships. And it is these relationships that uniquely distinguish us among food equipment companies in our industry.

We are also a leader in professional food equipment design, manufacturing and service. Supporting an extensive portfolio of premium branded product lines — Groen, Randell, Avtec, A la Cart and Power Soak — Unified’s complete offering spans the essential needs of today’s commercial foodservice operators.

From cooking equipment, cook-chill production and refrigeration to ventilation, conveyor systems, continuous motion ware washing and meal delivery systems, Unified Brands provides reliable, comprehensive equipment solutions — as well as a single integrated business platform for sales, support, service, manufacturing and business operations.

Our mission is to provide innovative commercial foodservice equipment solutions by aligning with strategic partners, exceeding the expectations of our customers and employees while increasing shareholder value.

Our vision is to make possible safe and nourishing foods for people around the world by providing reliable, specialized foodservice equipment solutions.


A Dover Company

Dover is a diversified global manufacturer with annual revenue of approximately $7 billion. We deliver innovative equipment and components, specialty systems, consumable supplies, software and digital solutions, and support services through three operating segments: Engineered Systems, Fluids and Refrigeration & Food Equipment. Dover combines global scale with operational agility to lead the markets we serve. Recognized for our entrepreneurial approach for over 60 years, our team of 26,000 employees takes an ownership mindset, collaborating with customers to redefine what's possible.



Dedicated to Sustainability

As a world-class provider of foodservice equipment and systems, Unified Brands believes in utilizing technologies that conserve our resources while designing and marketing products with a keen eye on our most valuable resource of all — The Human Resource.

Our company is fully committed to being a good corporate citizen and conducting business with the highest level of integrity. With that goal in mind, Unified Brands personnel place great value on social, environmental and economical responsibility in their daily operations, practices and relationships.

Unified Brands has also embraced the vision of designing and manufacturing a new generation of products that exceed industry and government standards regarding energy efficiency and sustainability, all while maintaining the highest levels of environmental, food-safety and ergonomic excellence. Whether it’s achieving LEED certification, reducing water usage or complying with complex international regulations, Unified Brands delivers smart solutions that work for today’s operators.

Unified Brands has successfully developed three distinctive “green” products.

  • The Intek connectionless steamer has an efficiency of 93% and far exceeds the Energy Star criteria of being 50% efficient for electric and greater than 38% efficient for gas.
  • The company’s FX Series refrigerated solutions is among the top performers for energy savings of equivalent sized products.
  • EcoArch ventilation systems can deliver annual energy savings exceeding 50% and ensures less pollutants reach the environment, making this one of the most clean and energy efficient systems on the market.

Committed to Quality

Our Quality Pledge

Unified Brands is committed to being the best provider of quality products and services to our customers.

Our Quality Vision

We commit to an “enterprise-wide quality system” approach to satisfy our customers’ requirements. This is a long-term commitment to use continuously improved processes to grow our business while ensuring job security and a better quality of life for all Unified employees.

Our Quality Objectives

We will supply high-quality products on time at the lowest cost. If at any time we fail, we will determine the root cause and ensure it is eliminated. Quality is not our goal — it’s our way of life.


Associations, Memberships & Industry Links

In order to continue providing innovative solutions to our customers, we believe it’s critical to stay on the leading edge of current market trends. That’s why our team is constantly learning — whether it’s attending industry trade shows, training workshops or listening to foodservice stakeholders share what’s most important to their businesses today.

Our company-wide participation and membership in relevant trade associations is an essential part of what we do and how we deliver for customers every day.












  • bptsOP_BIC2016_groen

    Groen - Braising Pans/Tilting Skillets, Operators

  • sjkCON_BIC2016_groen

    Groen - Steam Jacketed Kettles, Consultants

  • stmCON_BIC2015_groen

    Groen - Steamers, Consultants

  • bptsOP_BIC2015_groen

    Groen - Braising Pans/Tilting Skillets, Operators

  • sjkOP_BIC2015_groen

    Groen - Steam Jacketed Kettles, Operators

  • ccpOVER_BIC2015_randell

    Randell - Chef Counters, Prefabricated, Overall

  • ccpCON_BIC2015_randell

    Randell - Chef Counters, Prefabricated, Consultants

  • ccpDLR_BIC2015_randell

    Randell - Chef Counters, Prefabricated, Dealers

  • bptsOP_BIC2014_groen

    Groen - Braising Pans/Tilting Skillets, Operators

  • stmCON_BIC2014_groen

    Groen - Steam Jacketed Kettles, Consultants

  • sjkCON_BIC2014_groen

    Groen - Steamers, Consultants

  • NAFEM Innovation Showcase – What’s Hot, What’s Cool 2013 - Randell – Sous Vide Production Table (featuring FX technology)
  • NAFEM Innovation Showcase – What’s Hot, What’s Cool 2013 - Power Soak Systems, Inc. – Silent Alert System
  • Groen_BIC2013_bptsOP

    Groen - Braising Pans/Tilting Skillets, Operators

  • randell_BIC2013_cssfCON

    Randell – Custom Stainless Steel Fabrication, Consultants

  • Groen_BIC2013_sjkOP

    Groen - Steam Jacketed Kettles, Consultants

  • groen_BIC2012_bptsOP

    Groen Braising Pans / Tilting Skillets

  • groen_BIC2012_sjkOP

    Groen Steam Jacketed Kettles

  • KI_logo2012Award

    Power Soak Systems, Inc. - Silent Alert

  • NAFEM Innovation Showcase – What’s Hot, What’s Cool 2011- Randell – Iceless Fish Butchering Table (featuring FX technology)
  • NAFEM Innovation Showcase – What’s Hot, What’s Cool 2011 Avtec – EcoArch UV Hood System
  • KI_logo2011Award

    Power Soak Systems, Inc. – Produce Soak with Advanced Washing Technology

  • Groen 2011 BIC Braising Pans Tilting Skillets Operators

    Groen Braising Pans / Tilting Skillets

  • Pizza Hut Equipment Supplier of the Year - Star Award 2010 Avtec was recognized as a Star Award recipient for “outstanding energy efficiency results in fryer and oven hoods.”
  • StarChef Innovation & Technology Award – 2010 Randell – Sous Vide Production Table (featuring FX technology)
  • Groen 2010 BIC Dealers

    Groen - Steam Jacketed Kettles

  • Randell 2010 BIC Custom Stainless Steel Fab Operators

    Randell - Custom Stainless Steel Fabrication

  • Randell 2010 BIC Operators

    Randell - Chef Counters Prefabricated

  • National Restaurant Association – Kitchen Innovations 2009 Power Soak Systems, Inc. – High-Powered Silverware Pre-Washing System
  • National Restaurant Association – Kitchen Innovations 2008 The Avtec EcoArch™ Energy Efficient Ventilation System and the soon to be introduced Groen Tri-Res20